North Macedonia to Introduce a Digital Nomad Visa

At Friday’s online event on the country’s potential to attract digital nomads, organized by North Macedonia’s Fund for Innovation and Technology Development, Fatmir Bytyqi — Deputy Prime Minister in charge for Economic Affairs, Coordination of Economic Departments and Investments at the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia stated:

According to the panelists, which included representatives from the Fund of Innovation and Technology Development, Swiss EP, Startup Macedonia, Startup Chile and a digital nomad from Canada (who previously resided in the country), North Macedonia has a great potential to position itself as Europe’s next big digital nomad destination.

Remote Working in Ohrid, North Macedonia

Sebastian Diaz Mesa — former CEO of Startup Chile, shared his insights and emphasized:

The Director of the Fund for Innovation and Technological Development, Mr. Kosta Petrov stated at the webinar:

North Macedonia is joining the growing list of destinations looking to lure Digital Nomads, such as the Chez Republic, Croatia, Estonia, Georgia, Germany, and more.

Stay tuned for more news on the progress…




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