North Macedonia to Introduce a Digital Nomad Visa


The Government of North Macedonia is developing a brand new visa program aimed at attracting global digital nomads to this EU candidate country, located in Southeast Europe.

At Friday’s online event on the country’s potential to attract digital nomads, organized by North Macedonia’s Fund for Innovation and Technology Development, Fatmir Bytyqi — Deputy Prime Minister in charge for Economic Affairs, Coordination of Economic Departments and Investments at the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia stated:

“We have already started discussions for the creation of a Law on Digital Nomads, which will be a novelty in our legislation and will also be a step forward towards the common goal — the Republic of North Macedonia to become a serious regional center for development of “start-up” businesses.”

According to the panelists, which included representatives from the Fund of Innovation and Technology Development, Swiss EP, Startup Macedonia, Startup Chile and a digital nomad from Canada (who previously resided in the country), North Macedonia has a great potential to position itself as Europe’s next big digital nomad destination.

“North Macedonia was the first Balkan country outside of Bulgaria I visited as a digital nomad. Instantly I was amazed and thought, “Why didn’t I come here sooner?” Each and every day I encountered kind, welcoming people, tasted delicious fresh food, and was all the time in awe of the country’s natural beauty. There is a huge potential here for digital nomads like myself.” — stated Samantha Mykyte, a digital nomad from Canada, that spent couple of months residing in North Macedonia in 2020.
Check out this short video about her experience.

“Through the Swiss EP — Entrepreneurs-in-Residence program we have hosted more than 100 experts in different fields who have volunteered their time to share their know-how and collaborate with our local startup founders and accelerator managers. This has created huge value and has enabled accelerated progress for our startup ecosystem. With Startup Macedonia as an association, we fully support the digital nomad visa initiative and allowing international experts and startup founders to have longer stay in our country and create an even bigger impact in the new economy” — Nina Nikolich, SwissEP, co-founder of Startup Macedonia.

Remote Working in Ohrid, North Macedonia

Sebastian Diaz Mesa — former CEO of Startup Chile, shared his insights and emphasized:

“Putting the talent at the center, is what allows the ecosystem to grow. Chile proves that, when 10 years ago Start-Up Chile, the best entrepreneurial ecosystem in that region, was created. Today, Macedonia is showing even bigger potential, to bring diversity into their local ecosystem to boost entrepreneurship and innovation, key components of modern economies”.

The Director of the Fund for Innovation and Technological Development, Mr. Kosta Petrov stated at the webinar:

“The Republic of North Macedonia has enormous potential for attracting digital nomads and involving them with the local startup community. I am especially proud that we are creating conditions and opportunities for entrepreneurs and experts from abroad to move and work from here, because these people will bring huge benefits to the local economy as well as a chance for cooperation and networking with Macedonian startups.”

North Macedonia is joining the growing list of destinations looking to lure Digital Nomads, such as the Chez Republic, Croatia, Estonia, Georgia, Germany, and more.

Stay tuned for more news on the progress…