Skopje gets its 1st Entrepreneurial Community Center — #MKstartups Space

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Starting the week and September with positivity 🙌
#MKstartups we did it 🚀
Another piece to the puzzle for the development of our startup and innovation ecosystem with a “home” MKstartups Space

We are #MKstartups — The builders and leaders of the startup and innovation eco-system!

We have been actively developing the Macedonian startup eco-system for 5 years now. As leaders we’ve worked in strengthening capacities, boosting the entrepreneurial mindset, sharing opportunities and overcoming challenges. While most of these activities have taken place online, through our Facebook group MKstartups and fan pages, some meetups, workshops, and events have taken place, but always in different locations.

We are now looking to put another piece in the puzzle, by building and managing a ‘home’ for the startup community, physical space, and entrepreneurial community center, bringing together all actors in the Macedonian ecosystem under one roof.

Together at the #MKstartups Space, we can take on the international competition, build an even stronger community, strengthen the entrepreneurial spirit, build globally successful startups, create jobs and wealth for the Macedonian society.

Startup cities 2019 -The 5 hubs vying to become the world’s next Silicon Valley! And Skopje is listed at #3!

#MKstartups Space — The Services

At our space we are offering to the startup and innovation community a package of services based on their needs, with the aim of strengthening the overall community as well as individual entrepreneurs.

To that end, we will offer services such as information on latest development in the startup/tech eco-systems internationally, content and programs that bring value to the entrepreneurs, promotion, international and regional networking and collaboration and working with local and international experts.

We’d like this space to have the ‘community owned’ vibe, that’s why we are enabling it as a platform for all leaders to organize meetups/events/workshops and get logistical and promotional support. Let’s learn, share know-how, collaborate and grow together!

#MKstartups Space is connected with the fastest internet by Telekom MK, powered by the Fund for innovation and technology development (FITD) and managed by Startup Macedonia.

From the community for the community ❤

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